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9 Tips on Commercial Cleaning to Keep Your Office Neat & Dust Free

Published Date April 3, 2019

commercial cleaning A clean office space is the best to work in. Being productive at the office will feel even better when it’s a clean one! A clean office also shows clients that the space is well taken care of and the staff cares about their work environment.

Many offices want to focus more on their staff’s productivity and not the cleaning process. Sometimes the cleanliness is overlooked because the staff is working hard on their tasks and to keep the office running well. An office does need to be cleaned in order to keep the staff and clients happy and healthy.

Having an office cleaned by a professional office cleaning company doesn’t take long and is part of a successful space. Here are nine tips on commercial cleaning to keep the office neat and dust free.

1. Organization is Key

An office can start to look like a cluttered mess if there are files and papers everywhere. The first things that any office should have are file folders and drawers to avoid this clutter. Desk trays are very helpful too, along with wall pockets. The staff will be able to stay organized when they have the basic office needs to get the paper out of the way! A clean desk is a productive desk and this will help the staff put their most important documents where they know they are.

2. Creating a Checklist

It is important to make a list of what needs to be cleaned when the commercial cleaning company arrives. Offices have some very specific needs so these companies are familiar with that. The checklist should include the reception desk, the shared kitchen and bathrooms, the meeting rooms, desks, and workspaces.

3. Get the Carpet Cleaned

Carpets and rugs can hold a lot of germs and dirt. Dust hides there too and can make the staff in the office incredibly sick if they are not being cleaned properly. It is great to have the carpets vacuumed every day, but does that really get all of the dirt out? A good steam cleaning every week should help to get the carpets and rugs as clean as possible.

4. Make sure Non-Toxic Products are Used

There are a lot of people working in an office and they all have different allergies to scents and fragrances, chemicals, and foods. This is important to know when it comes to getting the office commercially cleaned. Most companies now have a non-toxic line of cleaners that they use in offices. These products are biodegradable and most of them are made with all-natural ingredients that won’t cause illnesses later down the line.

5. Using Up To Date Equipment

Cleaning a bathroom with a rotten mop is not the best way to make the office shine or smell good. This is why it is key that the commercial cleaners have the best equipment possible. Good equipment is an investment for the cleaners, but it is well worth the extra expense. If a commercial cleaning company comes in with old equipment, it is time to hire someone else. No one wants to smell mildew mixed with the smell of cleaning solutions.

6. Have Staff Keep Their Desks Clean

It doesn’t seem like too much to ask of your staff to keep their own workspaces clean. There are simple ways to dust off the screens, keyboards, and desks. It should be part of the staff’s daily duties to keep their areas clean. A simple dust cloth can clean their desks in no time at all. Reassure them that it is to keep them healthier and to keep their work environment clean and organized.

7. Use A Neutral Cleaner for the Floors

The floors of the office are just as important to keep clean as the other areas. If the office doesn’t have carpet, polishing the floors is important and shows clients that the office is spic and span. A neutral cleaner can help the floors to get the shine that is attractive to clients. The more gentle the floor cleaner is, the better the floors will look and smell and for much longer.

8. Double Check the Waiting Rooms

The waiting rooms are usually the place where clients spend the most time. It is essential to tidy this area constantly. By making it part of the front desk staff’s duties, they can help to keep it clean and neat. They can straighten the magazines, chairs, and sofa cushions. They can even take out the trash when it fills up.

9. Mats At All Entries

Moms always said to wipe our feet and mats at all of the entries will help get clients to do so. There is nothing worse than having mud all over the floors of a clean office. It is not attractive for clients to see this on the floors.

Having a clean office is vital for a successful one. Once the Tampa office cleaners start to tidy it every night or once a week, staff members can rest assured that they will feel healthier and happier. A clean office is a perfect place to work and the staff can continue to be more productive too!

Commercial Cleaning Made Easy

With all of this in mind, if you are seeking expert commercial cleaning services, Royal Building Maintenance is here for you to help you, guide you, and create a custom package centered around your needs. With our quality expertise and programs, you can focus less on office cleaning and more on production value and profits. Contact us today!