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At Royal Building Maintenance we understand that the physical appearance of your facility is of the utmost importance. A clean facility creates a positive working environment for employees and clients, and a positive image of your business. With our janitorial services Tampa, Orlando and Sarasota, we will customize a detailed cleaning program and provide a scope of work geared specifically […]


We all know and love this time of year, well apart from the standard rush to get presents and everything prepared for the Holidays. However, we are also all familiar with the many spillages and accidents that can happen at this time of year. Kids dropping drinks and food, adults spilling wine and liquids, it all happens most commonly at […]

The security of your facility is first and foremost at Royal Building Maintenance. Since most cleaning in your facility is done after hours, you want to feel confident that the cleaning company you hire is competent and trustworthy. There several things to consider when securing a facility: The cleaning staff that is assigned to your facility Were proper background checks […]

Choosing a commercial cleaning service is a big decision for any business. Many services done by a commercial cleaner could be done by individuals. However, in a large office, this task could take numerous hours, where a commercial cleaning service could have it done in only a few. Once you’ve decided to hire a commercial cleaning service, what are some […]

Being a homeowner requires a lot of little maintenance steps to keep your residence beautiful in addition to functional. While many things, such as cleaning or yard work, can be done by families, tougher jobs like power washing siding or decks require some assistance. For these tasks, you may consider doing it yourself or you could hire a professional commercial […]

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