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Tips and Tricks for Making Your Classroom a Sick-Free Zone

Germs are everywhere around us, especially in classrooms where children from many different homes come together and share common surfaces every day. Teachers are known for their impressive immune systems after spending years enduring every strain of bacteria imaginable, but children don’t usually have such strong disease fighting capabilities. These tips and tricks are designed to help prevent the spread of illnesses in classrooms all year round. Stick To a Clean Up Routine As a

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Office Cleaner

Cleaning is a time-consuming but necessary component of home and business ownership. Though many homeowners can handle keeping their own bathrooms, floors, and kitchens clean, office buildings are another matter altogether. It is critical that business offices hire and rely  upon a commercial cleaning company to keep office space organized, clean, sanitary, and safe. Let your own business focus on what it does best, and allow a professional cleaning company to come in and do

What’s in Your Carpet?

Carpeting is an important element in any commercial setting. It adds atmosphere, hides stains, and provides a sense of comfort. However, carpets also collect dirt, germs, and grime, especially carpets created and installed specifically for commercial purposes.  Professional and regular carpet cleaning is one of the most important components to improving the appearance of and extending the life of commercial carpets. The Truth About Commercial Carpets Commercial carpets are usually created with low level loops

Cleaners Stay Clean, but Can They Stay Green?

Commercial cleaners play a critical role in the business world, far more than most people realize. From floors and desks to trash and disinfectants, commercial cleaners are responsible for keeping public buildings in prime condition for the safe and enjoyable use of customers, employees, and employers. Now that sustainable waste management is becoming a priority for more and more companies, it’s worth taking a look at how commercial cleaners can stay clean and stay green.

The Importance of Finding, Controlling, and Eliminating Pathogens

Professional cleaners play a critical role in public health, much more than most people realize. Pathogens, also known simply as germs, are present everywhere in public, commercial buildings, especially in hospitals, restrooms, gyms, pools, and other places where humans are most likely to unintentionally exchange sweat and other sources of infection. It is up to professional commercial cleaners to understand the biology of pathogens in order to neutralize them and keep all public spaces clean

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