Church Cleaning: A Unique Challenge

June 4, 2015
A church is more than just a place of worship that opens on Sundays and special holidays. Churches are used every day for numerous community, commercial, and social needs that can leave a house of worship messy. Whether a wedding
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Does Your Business Have Sick Building Syndrome?

May 21, 2015
Do people in your office seem to get sick at an alarming rate? Do your nose and eyes get itchy at the cubicle or in the conference room? You are not alone. A World Health Organization study showed that the
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Why Only Professionals Should Clean Churches

May 7, 2015
Your church is many things. It is a place of worship, a sanctuary, and a meeting place for your community. And if your church is like most, it relies on volunteers for cleaning. Yet new evidence suggests that this seemingly
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Protecting Gym Patrons from MRSA

April 21, 2015
It’s no surprise that gyms are riddled with germs and bacteria that can make a person ill — sometimes the illnesses can be quite dangerous and even life-threatening. One type of bacterium that can be especially dangerous is known as
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Don’t Spread it Around: How to Protect Yourself (and Others) in Public Restrooms

April 7, 2015
Nobody is excited to visit a busy public restroom when nature calls. What microscopic horrors could be lurking, just waiting to make them sick? The good news is that practicing good hygiene and using a few easy tips can greatly
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Dirty Bathrooms Drive Customers Away

March 19, 2015
Many business owners do not stop to consider how their business image is affected by apparently incidental details like the cleanliness of their bathrooms or parking lots. In actuality, many members of the public are prone to judge a business
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Give Your Business a Good Spit-Shine

March 5, 2015
Like a good pair of leather shoes, a business place can use a good shine-up once in a while. Even if you and your employees do a decent job with the daily cleaning tasks of floors and bathrooms, it is
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Commercial and Office Cleaning

February 19, 2015
Let’s be honest, your office requires proper cleaning services. It’s impossible to properly and professionally clean your entire office by yourself. Now, even if you have an on-site employee clean the premises – it’s still not as clean as it
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Determining Whether You Need Commercial Cleaning Services

February 5, 2015
People do not enjoy household chores, especially when it comes to cleaning. In this case commercial cleaning services can prove to be beneficial for property owners. Whether you are running a business or a large retail chain, hiring such services
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