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Boost Your Occupancy Rates By Using the Right Commercial Cleaning Company

Published Date November 11, 2014

Office Cleaning CompanyYou might be thinking after reading the title to this article about the connection between picking a commercial cleaning company and your building’s occupancy rate. You might be tempted to think that the two things have nothing in common. I beg to differ.
The reality is that if you have a commercial building, and you want to ensure maximum tenancy, you really to pay attention to the signals that you are sending to your pool of potential tenants. They’re looking for a professional space. They’re looking for a professional space that they feel would draw customers. Because at the end of the day, if they can’t draw customers, they have no business leasing from you. It really is that straightforward.
So the cleaner you keep your premises, the higher the likelihood that people would rent space in your building because they feel that they can generate more business. These two factors are joined at the hip. Here is some more detailed explanation of how you can boost your occupancy rates by using the right commercial cleaning company.

Cleaner buildings look more professional

Whether you’re trying to attract doctors, lawyers, or dentists to rent your building, it doesn’t really matter. It really all boils down to the same general conclusion which is the cleaner buildings look more professional. Sure, you might have a building that looks like it was designed by Frank Gehry. We’re talking about an ultra-modern building. But regardless of how new your building looks, if it is dirty, it looks really unprofessional.
You have to remember that tenants look beyond the structure. They look beyond the finishing. They also look at overall maintenance because they have to. They know that their customers would often develop a certain perception about their practice or business based on their premises. They’re not dumb. So it’s really important for you to pick the right commercial cleaning company that can give you the level of cleaning services that you need to project the professional appearance you require to maximize your business potential.

Make the right first impression

When it comes to commercial leasing, it really all boils down to first impressions. If you blow the first impression, the tenant is not going to rent. It really is that simple. They don’t have all the time of day to give you a second or third chance. You have one bite at the apple. You need to make that shot count. By going with the right commercial office cleaning company that ensures your premises looks spotless and looks as good it can possibly look; you can maximize your first impression leasing opportunities.

Get high-quality tenants

The name of the game when it comes to commercial real estate is not just maximum tenancy. Any fool can fill up a building with low quality tenants. That’s not going to win you any points.
To actually make a profit in commercial real estate, you have to attract high-quality tenants. These are tenants who will not only lease for a longer period of time. These are tenants who will actually pay the top dollar to ensure the most professional premises for their professional practice, their business, or their operations.

Get larger operations

The best kinds of tenants are actually tenants who would lease complete floors. We’re talking about multinational companies, Internet startups, or finance companies. The problem is there’s a huge amount of competition for these types of enterprises in the United States. So to get a competitive advantage, make sure that your commercial building looks as best as it could by hiring the right commercial cleaning company.