Summer is Almost Over! Is Your School Building Ready for Students?

Teachers and students alike rejoice each summer as they survive the final day of school and prepare to enjoy two months of vacation. This means that unlike other commercial and industrial spaces that are used year-round, school buildings are virtually empty throughout July and early August. The majority of professional cleaning can take place during this time to ensure beautiful and comprehensive results. The Key Cleaning Areas

Tips and Tricks for Making Your Classroom a Sick-Free Zone

Germs are everywhere around us, especially in classrooms where children from many different homes come together and share common surfaces every day. Teachers are known for their impressive immune systems after spending years enduring every strain of bacteria imaginable, but children don’t usually have such strong disease fighting capabilities. These tips and tricks are designed to help prevent the spread of illnesses in classrooms all year round. Stick To a Clean Up Routine

Keeping Our Students Healthy With Cleaner Schools

To keep our students healthy, schools need to focus on keeping the air cleaner and safer for our children. That’s why it’s important for local schools to consider their policies dealing with exposure to exhaust. Exhaust from vehicles poses a health risk, particularly for small children. It contains VOC’s and smog-forming, toxic air pollutants. Exposure can lead to lung damage and respiratory problems, as well as increased complications for those who suffer from asthma and …