Church Cleaning: A Unique Challenge

Published Date June 4, 2015

royalfloorwaxingA church is more than just a place of worship that opens on Sundays and special holidays. Churches are used every day for numerous community, commercial, and social needs that can leave a house of worship messy.
Whether a wedding or youth activity, every event requires tidying up to be ready for the next event. Unexpected events such as funerals, however, can disrupt schedules and create unexpected cleaning requirements on short notice. As a result, churches require complex cleaning solutions that can’t simply be handled by volunteers or staff who have multiple duties.

The Special Needs of Cleaning Churches

No church is alike, and variegated surfaces need to be cleaned and cared for through individualized approaches. Whether your church is historic or modern, using the same cleaning approach and material for every surface can be catastrophic to carved wood, upholstery, and stained glass.
Ever clean under a pew? Well, it’s awkward, and, if you have wooden pews, it’s worse. You just can’t clean around the legs very well, and as a result, dust is always left around the legs because the use of water on wooden legs can cause damage. There’s just no simple solution to cleaning a church in a timely manner because churches require not only quick and efficient cleaning, but also care and respect.
Churches cannot be approached with the mindset of a regular commercial cleaning job. Cleaning services must understand and help meet the fickle scheduling and cleaning needs of a church. If your church requires any specialized cleaning, consulting an experienced professional is your best solution. Though there’s no easy answer, the best solution is to look for commercial cleaning services that have the right training and experience and are flexible enough to fit you into their schedule on short notice.
Exceptional cleaning services can also provide you with advice and preventative measures to help reduce your cleaning requirements that go beyond a regular office cleaning job. Make sure to ask.