Cleaners Stay Clean, but Can They Stay Green?

Published Date January 12, 2017

 stay clean and stay greenCommercial cleaners play an important role in the business world, far more than most people realize. From floors and desks to trash and disinfectants, commercial cleaners are responsible for keeping public buildings in prime condition for the safe and enjoyable use of customers, employees, and employers. Now that sustainable waste management is becoming a priority for more and more companies, it’s worth taking a look at how commercial cleaners can stay clean and stay green.

Adjusting Use of Trash Liners

Think about how many trash bags you use for just your home on a weekly or monthly basis. Now, expand that and imagine how many trash bags businesses like grocery stores, office buildings, and movie theaters must use every week. The number is staggering, and it’s nearly impossible to fathom just how much trash is produced by humans on a regular basis. Unfortunately, trash bags are often the missing link in sustainable business programs because they are not recycled.
Trash bags are tied to the petroleum market since they are made from plastic, and the volatility of the petroleum market makes trash bag prices unpredictable. Furthermore, recycling is one of the most powerful ways to minimize landfill overflow and reduce reliance on natural resources. This means that commercial office cleaners can contribute to sustainability efforts by utilizing plastic bags that meet guidelines set by environmental standards organizations. Cutting down on the use of trash liners altogether can also help reduce unnecessary use, especially in office buildings where most trash is simply paper that needs to be recycled. Using the right-sized bag for each trash can is equally as important, as Green Seal senior vice president Mark Petruzzi explains:
“One of our recommendations is to try and standardize the size of the cans around the facility, otherwise you end up with various bag sizes. Not only is it confusing, but you may end up using a bag that’s too big, which is a waste of plastic. Also, if it doesn’t fit perfectly and something heavy gets thrown in there, the bag gets pulled in with it and then you have a mess.”
With focused efforts, all commercial cleaning companies can contribute to important sustainability initiatives and set a positive example for the rest of the industry.