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Commercial and Office Cleaning

Published Date February 19, 2015

Commercial and Office CleaningLet’s be honest, your office requires proper cleaning services. It’s impossible to properly and professionally clean your entire office by yourself. Now, even if you have an on-site employee clean the premises – it’s still not as clean as it can be.
Did you know that, today, more offices are hiring commercial office cleaning services more than ever? This blog will tell you why it is important to have your business premises cleaned by the professionals.

Why Professional Cleaning Services?

A common question people ask is why a company needs professional cleaning services when one can simply hire cleaners at affordable rates. The answer is because rarely, hired cleaners come with their own equipment. Also, the end result is always different.
Even if some of them have such equipment, chances are that they cannot use them properly. This is where professional cleaning services become important. You can hire them as per your needs once in every three months while they do the job professionally, keeping your place cleans and hygienic.

Professional Cleaners vs. Conventional Cleaners

Firstly, you need to understand the difference between an ordinary janitor/ cleaner and a professional one. Why is it that your office premises looks new every time you hire a professional cleaner? The reason is that companies that market their services in this domain use the following methods:

  • State of the art machines
  • Calculated measurements for the entire area that is to be cleaned

State of the Art Machines

Most commercial cleaning companies use state of the art machinery to provide effective cleaning services. These companies use some of the most advanced machinery available today, such as floor and carpet vacuum cleaners, floor and wall cleaners for all sorts of surfaces including ceramic tiles and marble flooring.

Calculated Measurements of the Area

The US Green Building Counsel is a nonprofit organization and the sole monitoring body for professional cleaners. This entity makes sure all office and residential buildings meet the criteria set forth for building maintenance and supervision.
Under their guidance, all professional cleaners are responsible to provide high standard quality cleaning services to commercial and residential units.