bathroom cleaning

Dirty Bathrooms Drive Customers Away

Published Date March 19, 2015

Commercial and Office CleaningMany business owners do not stop to consider how their business image is affected by apparently incidental details like the cleanliness of their bathrooms or parking lots. In actuality, many members of the public are prone to judge a business by the appearance of its site, which is why every business should consider commercial building maintenance.

When you spend the majority of your time at your place of business, you might stop seeing it with “fresh” eyes, as it would appear to a customer who is imprinting a first impression.

What might seem like a negligible detail to you, like cigarette butts in the parking lot, or an empty roll of toilet paper in the restroom, can negatively impact a customer’s impression of your business. A customer might think, even subconsciously, “If they can’t replace a toilet paper roll, how can I rely on them to take care of my needs?”

If the site issues are more major, the impression can be even more damaging. A gym that doesn’t seem clean will not keep its clientele. A restaurant with dirty floors will set diners to wondering what the kitchen is like if even the public areas are not pristine.

With all the detail management necessary to run a business successfully, a business owner can hardly be expected to make toilet-paper inspections, or even to keep up with the bigger jobs of property maintenance and regular cleaning. However, a commercial office cleaning service can take care of all of that for you.