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Don’t Roll the Dice with Unprofessional Commercial Cleaning Companies

Published Date November 18, 2014

Office Cleaning CompanyThe problem of the service market is that if there is a need, there is no shortage of people trying to fill that need, so they can get paid. This is how a free market works. This is beautiful, and this is the way that it should be. The problem is there’s so much choice out there that it’s very easy for you to make the wrong choice.
Like it or not, if you pick an unprofessional commercial cleaning company, it can really set your leasing rates and tenancy rates back. In fact, if you stay with a truly unprofessional and sloppy commercial cleaning company, your building might get branded as a low-rent building. This is the kiss of death when it comes to commercial real estate. It doesn’t matter whether you focus primarily on lawyers, doctors, CPAs, or other professionals. If you get that kiss of death, you only get low-rent, shady, sketchy, low-quality tenants. This is not a recipe for success.
So it’s a good idea to pay attention to your choice of commercial cleaning companies. These types of companies are not created equal. Don’t roll the dice with cheap but unprofessional outfits. Here are the reasons why.

Bad first impression

Most leasing deals are made primarily on first impression. This should not be a surprise. After all, the leasing agent, when they come to your premises, doesn’t have all the time in the world. They have to make a snap decision. They have to filter their list of commercial options within a business district. You have to remember that you’re not the only building in town. They are trained to act on their gut instinct on first impression. And if you deal with an unprofessional commercial office cleaning company, nine times out of ten, your building would make an outright bad impression or less than an optimal impression. Either scenario is not good.

Wrong equipment

Another hallmark of low-quality commercial cleaning companies is when they use the wrong equipment. This actually should not be surprising because unprofessional commercial cleaning companies actually charge low rates. The reason they charge a low rate is because they use the wrong equipment. They go hand in hand, and as a result; they try to attract business by charging lower rates.
We’ll, I’m sorry to break this to you, but if you want to truly run a professional organization, and if you want to truly project a very professional appearance to your potential tenants, you cannot shortchange yourself out of making a really great first impression. You get what you pay for.

Bad scheduling

Another hallmark of an unprofessional commercial cleaning company is when they overstretch themselves. You have to remember that many of these companies get business because they are charging the lowest dollar rates possible. They’re basically shaving every penny to get that contract.
Unfortunately, when you do business this way, something has to give. And in many cases, reliability is the first casualty of affordability. You may be paying a small amount of dollars for a particular professional commercial cleaning company. But at the end of the day, if that company fails to show up on time or really screws up on scheduling, it can mess up the overall professional appearance of your premises. At the end of the day, this leads to lower profits for your corporation.

Improperly trained staff

This is the kiss of death with many unprofessional commercial cleaning companies. You have to remember that for any type of service provider to truly provide world-class service, they have to be staffed with people that truly care. These are people that are driven by passion. Sure, cleaning and premises services might not be sexy, but it has to be performed by people who care about their work to do a really good job. Unfortunately, when low cost commercial cleaning companies try to save money, they usually pick people that don’t really care.