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Most Effective Commercial Office Cleaning Checklist for All Season

Published Date November 26, 2019

Commercial Office Cleaning Checklist for a Spotless Business Space

 office cleaning checklist Keeping a thorough tab on the hygienic environment of your office is of utmost importance, as this has a direct impact on the productivity of your team, their health, and their overall happiness as your employee. However, the larger the office space, the harder it gets to keep a tab on every minute aspect of office health and hygiene. This is the main reason why several offices, commercial, and retail properties seek the assistance of professional cleaners, to ensure that your property maintains the highest level of cleanliness standards. However, do keep in mind that while relying on professional help is the wisest thing, until and unless you have a thorough office cleaning checklist, your property will never be able to maintain the required standards of health and hygiene.

So, let’s take a quick look at how you should plan out an office cleaning schedule checklist so you can have a systematic approach to office cleaning, while at the same, save ample time and money in the process.

How to Prepare a Commercial Office Cleaning Checklist?

First things first, to ensure that your office stays neat, tidy, and hygienic, you need to include cleaning as a routine day-to-day task. While the weekly and monthly office cleaning checklist can consist of larger areas and surfaces, daily tasks need to include minor things like removing the trash, restocking restrooms, and so on. Since several employees touch office surfaces regularly, the transmission of bacteria and viruses increases tremendously.

So, what are the daily tasks that are included in the office cleaning schedule checklist? Read below!

  • Your office reception area is the first place your customer visits. Thus, this is the one area you always want to keep clean and inviting, vacuum all mats, carpets, and hard floors in your reception area daily.
  • Include the surface of chairs, tables, desks, and other furniture presents in your office, and mop all hard floors with a potent disinfectant to clear out germs.
  • Clean glass doors thoroughly to remove all forms of fingerprints and marks, and remove cow webs from the main entry and surrounding areas.
  • When it comes to the restroom, clear out all trash and replace bin liners as and when required, stock the necessary toiletries, clean, sanitize, and disinfect the entire area, and clean and polish the mirror, frames, and internal glasses.
  • In the kitchen and pantry region, replace bin liners, stock the necessary tissues, clean and sanitize all basins, wipe hand dryers, and mop and vacuum all hard floors thoroughly.

Now that we’ve established the daily tasks that ought to be included in your office cleaning checklist, let’s dive into the weekly tasks.

  • Your weekly commercial office cleaning checklist should include cleaning out larger appliances and surfaces like the refrigerator, dusting window sills, deep cleaning of the restrooms, and so on.
  • Also, include cleaning out the entire office space hard floors with a spray buff every week.
  • All the glass windows need to be cleaned thoroughly inside and out with a squeegee and also polished if necessary.
  • Disinfect all trach receptacles and add new liners.

It seems like we’ve pretty much covered your entire office space, haven’t we? Not quite yet!  Your office cleaning schedule checklist must also include monthly tasks:

  • Your monthly office cleaning checklist must consist of a thorough vacuuming of all fabric chairs and vents.
  • It must also include dusting off all high surfaces, working from top to bottom.
  • Thorough vacuuming and cleaning of all surface areas.

The daily, weekly, and monthly tasks included in the office cleaning schedule checklist, however, lacks a few essentials that we will be looking at in the quarterly tasks. These tasks can also be considered as a seasoned task that ought to be completed before the onset of fall, summer, or winter.

Commercial Office Cleaning Checklist for all Seasons

Since winter is the time when several diseases and infections tend to spread rapidly, ensuring a safe and hygienic work environment for your employees becomes a top priority. If you fail to adopt adequate measures to ensure cleanliness, you will find yourself working in an empty office space with all your employees on sick leave. So, here’s what you need to do.

  • Disinfect: To reduce sick days, you need to disinfect your floors, tables, and all other surfaces that are continuously touched by your staff. Additionally, make use of a disinfectant spray system and include it in your must-have office cleaning checklist to clear the office air of any germs and viruses.
  • Check the air quality: Believe it or not, indoor air usually is five times more polluted than the outdoor air. Since the same air is circulated throughout the office day after day, checking the indoor air quality is of the essence. For this, make sure that your HVAC systems are cleaned each quarter thoroughly, and especially during the winter.
  • Don’t ignore the floors: The interior floor area of your office space is one of the primary breeding grounds for bacteria since employees and customers carry the external debris into the office space. As a result, your office cleaning schedule checklist ought to include dusting, salting, and moisturizing of carpets and hard floors each quarter to keep it debris free.
  • Concentrate on hard-to-reach corners: Once a quarter, make sure that you clean out spaces that are above the eye level. This includes areas such as the lights, fans, and other fixtures. As mentioned earlier, do not forget to clean your air ducts. Seek professional assistance to inspect your air ducts thoroughly.
  • Tile and grout: If your office space uses carpets, have it deep cleaned each quarter. If not, you need to concentrate on deep cleaning your tiles and grout. Again, you will need the assistance of a professional office cleaning service to help you out. You can contact their experts in advance and request a free quote so you can plan accordingly before the holiday season.

 While the above list merely concentrates on the essentials, when you contact a professional office cleaning company like the Royal Building Maintenance, they’ll provide you with a thorough commercial office cleaning checklist. Apart from helping you maintain a daily and weekly office cleaning schedule checklist, experts here will also provide you with a free quote. Contact their cleaning consultants today and gear up to receive a fantastic service with added tips as a bonus!