How to Care for Tile Flooring

Published Date June 10, 2014

take care of your residential tile flooringTile flooring is easier to maintain than other flooring types that you may have installed at your residential or commercial property. Although tile flooring may be easier to clean, following these easy steps will help ensure that your tile flooring is clean and appealing for family, friends, and employees every time.


Sweep or vacuum your tile floor to remove any loose debris that may have accumulated.  Allowing wet dirt to build up on your tile floor can cause the dirt to settle deep within the crevices between your tile flooring. If you do not have a vacuum then make sure that you sweep the floor thoroughly. After you have swept or vacuumed the floor, run a cloth duster mop across your tile flooring. This will ensure that you pick up dirt and debris that sweeping or vacuuming may have missed.

Choosing a Cleaner

Instead of purchasing expensive floor cleaners, you can opt to make your own tile cleaner at home. Usually, a simple solution of warm water and vinegar is enough to remove stains from tile. If your floor does not have stains, then you can use a damp mop to clean the floor. Make sure that you rinse the mop thoroughly to remove any loose dirt or debris. Repeat in a sweeping motion until the entire floor has been serviced.

Drying the Floor

Drying the floor is very important if you want to avoid new dirt from quickly accumulating on your tile floor. Use a completely dry mop or towel for maximum affect. As soon as the mop or towel becomes wet, ring it out and repeat until the entire floor has dried.

Enjoy Your Floor!

Always be mindful of the chemicals you put on your floor. Some cleaning solutions may etch tile, which is why you should read all product labels carefully! Once your tiles are dry, you can start enjoying your clean tile flooring!