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Janitorial Cleaning Tips for Commercial Spaces

Published Date August 20, 2021

Following several janitorial cleaning tips is essential to boost employees’ productivity, improve the business’s image, and attract more clients. Having a clean, safe, and healthy office can become your business’s edge among competitors and help you level out the playing field.

However, attaining cleanliness in commercial spaces requires specific tools and techniques. Merely mopping your floors a few minutes every week isn’t enough. Commercial spaces have different rooms, surfaces, and equipment, and all of these should be cleaned regularly.

Here are six easy yet effective cleaning tips to help you achieve a spotless commercial space:

1.   Dust Every Day

Regardless of the size of your office, dust and other debris can accumulate on different surfaces over time. The dustier your office is, the more susceptible your employees are to developing allergies and other health problems.

Dusting all of your office surfaces every day is a great way to achieve and maintain cleanliness in your commercial space. Grab a duster or microfiber cloth and clean all of the flat surfaces around your office, including furniture and large equipment.

2.   Declutter Desk

A cluttered desk isn’t only an eyesore; this view can cause stress. In fact, a cluttered desk can significantly impact employees’ mental health because it impairs their ability to focus and makes them feel more anxious.

Another janitorial cleaning tip to follow is to clear and declutter desks. You can encourage employees to go through all of the papers and items on their desks and keep them in proper storage spaces. Using dividers and shelves are also a great way to ensure desks are squeaky clean.

3.   Spot Clean the Floors

The condition of your office floors can affect the business’s day-to-day operations, as well as the brand your business makes in the industry. How can you impress clients with stained and dirty floors?

Spot cleaning your floors should always be part of an office cleaning checklist. Ideally, you should clean your floors the moment you see any stains or mess. Taking immediate action to clean your floors will ensure that the surface retains its appearance and gloss.

4.   Clean Carpets

Sure, carpets can add more color and appeal to your office, but these decorative pieces can trap in thousands of dust, germs and bacteria. According to a microbiologist from NYU Langone Medical Center, carpets contain about 200,000 bacteria per square inch. That’s more bacteria found in toilet seats!

To ensure that your carpets don’t put your employees’ health at risk, make sure to clean them regularly. Generally, you should deep clean your office carpets every six months.

Cleaning carpets requires several tools and processes. For starters, you need to get rid of dust and dirt using a vacuum with strong suction. You can also remove stains from your carpets by mixing vinegar and water or baking soda and salt.

5.   Clean the Kitchen

An office kitchen plays a vital role in your employees’ wellness because this space allows them to take breaks from work. Taking a kitchen break with colleagues also enables your employees to relieve stress and improve productivity at work.

Ensure that your office kitchen remains functional by keeping it clean all the time. To do this, always clean spills ASAP, maintain garbage bins, and regularly sanitize countertops. Encouraging employees to dispose of expired food from the fridge also helps!

6.   Disinfect the Bathrooms

How clean your workplace bathroom is can affect the health of your employees and how clients see your business. Having a dirty bathroom can attract germs and bacteria, which can cause your employees to get sick and leave a negative impression among clients.

Another janitorial cleaning tip to follow is to ensure that your bathrooms are disinfected regularly. To achieve this goal, practice routine spot cleaning in your bathroom and sanitize sensitive bathroom areas, such as the urinals, toilets, restroom doors, and light switches, daily.

Dusting the ceiling, mopping the floors, and wiping down the entire toilet should also be included in your janitorial office cleaning checklist.

Hire Professionals ASAP!

And while you can always change your schedule to personally clean your commercial space, taking this direction doesn’t always warrant success. Do you know which cleaning agents to use on different surfaces? How can you clean hard-to-reach areas around your office?

Instead of exerting time and effort trying to figure out which cleaning hacks work, hire a commercial cleaning company, like Royal Building Maintenance. Our team offers janitorial cleaning services for commercial spaces around Florida. We have the experience and tools to ensure that every nook and cranny of your office is cleaned and sanitized properly.

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