Keeping Our Students Healthy With Cleaner Schools

Published Date January 9, 2015

Now more than ever we have noticed a rise in organic and green living. With that in mind, it is important to discuss how this way of living can benefit the school system and keep our students healthy with cleaner schools. So, let’s discuss how to keep our students healthy with cleaner schools and the problems that there are today.

Keeping Schools Clean

We want to first start by acknowledging that many schools have a high quality cleaning staff or janitors. In fact, schools have policies in place to ensure that each schools is properly cleaned. With that in mind, we want to discuss the biggest problems in schools, a problem that many individuals are overlooking; exhaust. Exhaust is the fumes that come out of school buses. In fact, exhaust from vehicles can pose an extreme health risk, especially for small children. They contact, VOC’s and smog-forming, toxic air pollutants. Exposure can lead to lung damage and respiratory problems. To add to this, it can lead to increased complications for those who suffer from asthma and allergies.
School buses release some of the largest exhaust fumes of all vehicles due to the weight, the motor, and the fact that many of them are very old. These engines run for long periods at a time, often in large groups, and sit around the exit. How healthy are these heavy fumes for children? These fumes can easily travel through the doors, causing an accumulation of toxic chemicals in our schools. Fortunately, there are plenty of steps schools can take to reduce air pollution in and around the buildings.

What Schools Can Do Today To Remove This

1. One of the major health practices that can help with exhaust fumes is remove the idle time that buses are sitting outside the school. By sitting idle for about twenty minutes the bus is releasing thousands of air particles that are polluting the area.

2. It goes without saying that kids love to have their windows open on a bus. Therefore, it is important for the bus driver to utilize smart driving practices, such as, following at least three car lengths behind any vehicle with visible exhaust or a noticeable odor.

3. This may be one of the most crucial steps that needs to take precedent. Many of the buses school systems are utilizing are very old. Therefore, it is important to keep buses up to date with healthy cleaning practices and cleaner fuel options. To add to this, enhance the technology inside of the buses as well.

By implementing these simple strategies for reducing air pollution around schools, we can keep our schools cleaner and our children healthier. At Royal Building Maintenance we strive to keep both commercial and residential areas clean. However, it is important to be knowledgeable about the many different aspects that we affect our environment and exhaust is one that affects the schools in extreme levels. Contact us today for a free cleaning estimate for your school cleaning needs!