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Office Hygiene Hacks: Make Workplace Healthier

Published Date May 25, 2021

Cleanliness and personal hygiene are essential aspects of workplace health and safety. They should always be included in the company policy, especially because communal working spaces can be Petri dishes for viruses and bacteria. To improve the level of hygiene at work, start implementing the following office hygiene hacks today.

Provide Health Screenings

Regularly bringing in medical professionals to provide medical screening for employees can help improve workplace health and wellness. More importantly, it can cut down on the significant costs from productivity loss due to employees missing work.

Provide Clean Toiletries

A clean bathroom should be a priority when creating a hygienic workplace. Ensure that the area is well-equipped with soap, hand drying equipment or towels, and toilet paper.
Employees are more likely to use them if they’re readily available and accessible. Remind them often to practice personal hygiene after they use the facilities.

Implement a Clean Desk Policy

Staying healthy in the workplace starts with requiring each employee to maintain cleanliness in their work areas. Implement a clean desk policy that includes regular disinfection of surfaces that they use and keeping the space clutter-free.
Here are some of the other rules that can be included in this policy:

  • Clean up daily to avoid the accumulation of dirt on surfaces.
  • Wash and disinfect hands at least twice a day. Encouraging a culture of handwashing is an excellent way to stop the spread of infections.
  • Require all employees to store documents and files in their drawers before they leave for the day. It might also be helpful to go paperless to limit close encounters with other people and avoid unnecessary paperwork just lying around and collecting dust.

Hire an Office Cleaning Service

Sometimes it’s impossible to have employees maintain the cleanliness of the office by themselves. This is especially true for large workspaces and facilities. Cleaning may take up too much of their time and mean that they can’t devote their full attention to their work.
Hiring a professional service provider for commercial cleaning in Tampa can be the more cost-effective option in such cases. Employees can focus on their work, and the office cleaning service can take care of the maintenance and cleanup requirements. An office cleaning service can do the following:

  • Empty waste containers and coordinate waste disposal
  • Vacuum carpets, mats, and hard floors
  • Dust all surfaces and furniture
  • Remove cobwebs, stains, fingerprints, and other unsightly marks
  • Ensure tissues, towels, and soap are all in stock and readily available
  • Wipe down windows and doors
  • Mop elevator, kitchen, and bathroom floors

Implement Hygiene Rules in Communal Areas

Kitchens and pantries are communal areas that everyone in the office uses. It’s vital to ensure regular cleaning and maintenance in these spaces to prevent health risks and keep people safe.
Here are some hygiene practices in the workplace that employees can follow to keep these areas safe and clean:

  • Wash cups, mugs, plates, and utensils immediately after use
  • Don’t leave food unattended
  • Avoid leaving sugary snacks and warm food out in the open. They can attract pests
  • Place waste products should in the designated bins and containers
  • Avoid keeping leftovers in the fridge for too long
  • Label all food items stored in the cupboards or fridge
  • Set up a schedule to prevent disputes and avoid adversely affecting productivity and office morale
  • Set up zones where people can freely eat or smoke

Ensure Clean Air and Natural Light

Use air conditioning technology that properly filters foul odors and smells to ensure good air quality indoors. Air fresheners can also help keep the office smelling nice and clean. Air out workspaces as often as possible. Designate a time each day to turn off the AC and open the windows to circulate air properly.
It’s also crucial to regularly clean and maintain windows. Leaving them dusty or dirty doesn’t just limit the amount of natural light coming through but also reflects a lack of care. Dirty windows will leave a negative impression on your customers and clients.

Address Workplace Hygiene Problems Quickly

Improving hygiene and sanitation in the workplace isn’t an overnight task; it’s an ongoing investment. Reiterating your commitment to keeping everyone safe and healthy will help bring all employees on board.
You can start small by encouraging your employees to follow hygiene policies and standards. Investing in medical services and Tampa office cleaning services can also help ensure a safer, healthier, and more productive workplace.