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Simple Tips for Maintaining a Clean Office Kitchen

Published Date March 21, 2022

Every office team member wishes to have a clean office kitchen. After all, the kitchen or pantry is where people retreat for unwinding, revitalizing, and socializing. But that is also precisely the reason why keeping it clean is so tricky.

The office kitchen is the place where your staffs have their food. And the leftover food is where all the problems start. Without proper cleansing, the leftover food can bring in pests and make the kitchen look dirty.

However, maintaining a clean office kitchen wouldn’t be possible without active cooperation from employees. Thus, keeping the pantry clean is as much a responsibility of your staff as yours. Occasionally, call professionals from companies offering office cleaning in Tampa Fl, to keep the radiant look.

But, we know you are eagerly waiting for some simple tips that you can follow to keep your office kitchen clean yourself. So, without further delay, let’s start with an exposition of some simple office kitchen cleaning tips.

Tips for a Clean Office Kitchen 

A clean breakroom can keep your employees happy and boost your productivity. So, here are some tips that you can follow for maintaining a clean office kitchen.

1. Mop and Sweep Floors

Mopping and sweeping the floors is pretty simple. However, dirt, food particles, and grime can fall on the floors and make cleaning difficult. So, at first, you need to pick up the fallen pieces and trash them. Then broom the floors normally and use a mild cleaner to remove greases and oil.

2. Wipe Surfaces

Using a damp cloth, wipe countertops, chairs, tables, and other surfaces in the kitchen. You can keep away food remains, splatters, and spills by brushing regularly. Additionally, use a drop of soap solution on the damp cloth for a thorough clean.

3. Appliance cleaning 

It is equally important to clean appliances along with kitchen surfaces. Before you start cleaning, make sure to switch off your devices and ensure they are not hot. Clean the outer surface of the microwave, coffee maker, and other appliances using a damp cloth. Always take time to read the user manual before cleaning any device.

4. Clean refrigerators 

Refrigerators serve the vital purpose of keeping your food intact over a prolonged period. We have kept refrigerators separate from other appliances while spelling out the office kitchen cleaning tips given the importance of refrigerators.

However, cleaning them regularly is essential to prevent them from stinking. Regular cleaning also prevents the buildup of microbes and keeps your refrigerator looking great. Every week you can use a damp cloth along with a food-grade disinfectant to clean the exteriors and interiors of your fridge.

Additionally, call upon professionals from reputed companies once in a while to offer a thorough clean.

5. Make someone in charge 

In an office where everyone is busy, office cleaning can fall behind if no one is in charge. Therefore, always delegate the responsibility of keeping the pantry clean to a team member.

You can even use rotational shifts, where the person delegated the responsibility keeps on changing.

6. Keep cleaning material in stock 

You do not want your office cleaning to fall behind for the unavailability of cleaning materials. So, for the best results, always keep the inventory of disinfectants, dishwashers, paper towels, and other cleaning materials at optimal levels.

7. Make the garbage bins accessible

It is important to keep garbage bins at accessible locations so that your employees and quickly dispose of their trash. You can also place two different containers to segregate biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste. Also, check whether the garbage bins are overflowing and have them emptied on time.

8. Set up ground rules 

For maintaining the cleanliness of any area, everyone needs to follow some essential discipline. The same is true for having a clean office kitchen. You should set out rules for pantry behavior and waste disposal and ensure everyone follows them to maintain a clean and healthy atmosphere.

9. Hiring professionals 

No, matter the cafe cleanliness you maintain, you can never replace professionals. Therefore, it is vital to hire professionals from a reputed Tampa office cleaning company to do the job for you once in a while. Professional cleaners can offer a deep clean by combining the latest equipment, cleaning solutions, and years of expertise.

So, you need to hire them occasionally to get a thoroughly clean kitchen in addition to the regular cleaning.

Final words 

Regular cleaning of your office pantry is essential to maintaining a healthy and clean office kitchen. It is also necessary to follow some basic etiquettes and tips listed above.

Further, besides regular cleaning, you need to hire a professional from an office cleaning company for advanced cleaning. Connect now with staff from Royal Building Maintenance for more information or a thorough clean.

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