Security First

Published Date February 11, 2013

Office Cleaning CompanyThe security of your facility is first and foremost at Royal Building Maintenance.

Since most cleaning in your facility is done after hours, you want to feel confident that the cleaning company you hire is competent and trustworthy.

There several things to consider when securing a facility:

The cleaning staff that is assigned to your facility

Were proper background checks done on the cleaning staff members?
At Royal Building Maintenance, we make sure that there are no background issues before we hire anyone.  We sometimes go to further lengths and speak to their spouse to see where and how they live for extra verification purposes.
Most of our crews have been with us for years.  The primary reason for our stability is that we compensate our crews well and give them reasonable schedules which results in less turn over and better quality staff members.

Proper securing of  your facility

How to set alarms, shut lights, lock doors etc… Seems simple but if not taken seriously, it can be more concerning then cleanliness.  No one cares how clean their facility is if the alarm was not set.

Proper training in chemical use and storage

Crews should also be trained in proper usage and storage of chemicals. We instruct our staff so they will know where and how to use specific chemicals throughout your facility. Chemicals should not be stored in water heater room; nor should mop water be left in ringer. These are considered safety and fire hazards.

Does the cleaning company have proper insurance?

Any commercial cleaning service in your facility should carry three forms of insurance: liability, bonding and workman’s comp.  Liability protects against any accident or damage caused to your facility.  The amounts should be 1-2 Million. Bonding protects you against theft.  Companies should carry a minimum of a $10,000 bond.  Workman’s comp protects you against any injuries that could happen while on your premises.
With all these safe guards in place, your company is well protected and covered with Royal Building Maintenance.