Summer is Almost Over! Is Your School Building Ready for Students?

Published Date July 15, 2017

classroomTeachers and students alike rejoice each summer as they survive the final day of school and prepare to enjoy two months of vacation. This means that, unlike other commercial and industrial spaces that are used year-round, school buildings are virtually empty throughout July and early August. The majority of professional cleaning can take place during this time to ensure beautiful results.

The Key Cleaning Areas

A school requires a wide range of cleaning processes and techniques, due to the many different rooms found throughout the building. Classrooms should be the first priority since this is where students spend the majority of their time. Stairs and hallways also need significant attention over the summer to repair all of the damage that occurs between August and June. Other essential areas to clean include the cafeteria, kitchen facility, common areas, locker rooms, windows, and playgrounds.

Is Your School Ready?

Teachers are responsible for organizing their classrooms and preparing to educate and inspire students, but they are never expected to wax their classroom floors or steam clean carpets. It is essential for your school to utilize the services of cleaning professionals who have experience completing thorough and extensive cleaning tasks on specific time frames.

Floor and carpet cleaning, for instance, is a specialty best left to the professionals. Tile flooring must be stripped, rinsed, and waxed in order to remove the scratch and scuff marks that accumulate throughout the school year. Cleaning grout is another complex task that should be completed with professional materials. With dedicated cleaning attention, teachers and students can return to school in August to find it looking brand new!

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