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I tutor a lot of kids at our education center and it becomes really messy really fast. Royal Building Maintenance does everything from cleaning our floors and carpets to cleaning our bathrooms and kitchens. They are extremely affordable and I have never had a single regret about hiring them. I would definitely recommend their services.

Ryan Parsons August 12, 2018

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My family recently opened up a smallbakery in St. Petersburg and we have a lot of trouble cleaning up every week. We used to do it ourselves, but after a few months, it became apparent that we needed help. I called up Royal Building Maintenance last week and they did such a great job. We have them booked for this weekend as well!

Maggie Reynolds August 12, 2018

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I have a difficult time juggling work and home. So, quite naturally, it takes a toll on my ability to clean my commercial properties. I have been a dedicated customer of Royal Building Maintenance for six years now. I am a very finicky person and to date, I have nothing to complain about.

Jennifer Wong August 12, 2018

Jim Parsons

Excellent customer service, they accommodated my timing requirement and did an awesome job!

Jim Parsons August 7, 2018

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