The Basics of Selecting a Commercial Cleaning Service

Published Date May 6, 2014

commercial floor cleaningChoosing a commercial cleaning service is a big decision for any business. Many services done by a commercial cleaner could be done by individuals. However, in a large office, this task could take numerous hours, where a commercial cleaning service could have it done in only a few. Once you’ve decided to hire a commercial cleaning service, what are some things to look for to ensure you find a good fit for what your business needs?

Why Businesses Need a Commercial Cleaner

First considerations when choosing a commercial cleaning service is the price the company wants to charge for the tasks. Most businesses have a budget they must stick to for all services, and you must find a cleaner who is willing to perform the cleaning your business needs within that budget.

This step may involve getting quotes from several different companies to compare, but it’s worth it to research and find out how to get the most cleaning done in the most cost effective manner. You may also want to ask for referrals from other businesses that have commercial office cleaning services, and when getting quotes on services, be sure to check references.

A referral could give you and whoever provided the name of the commercial cleaning service a discount, which would save money over time. Checking references also provides background on the company’s performance, and can give you an idea of what to expect for their services.

Precautions and Suggestions

What many don’t realize is that you can ask for a trial period in which the commercial cleaning company performs their duties for a set period of time before signing a full contract. This allows you to evaluate their service and determine whether you’d like to enter into a long-term relationship. If unsatisfied at the end of the trial period, you can end the relationship rather than trying to terminate a long-term arrangement.

Hiring a commercial cleaning service is a big decision that requires thought and consideration before a relationship is finalized. However, it’s one well worth it to keep an office maintained and clean for all who are employed there.