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The Importance of Properly Cleaning a Rental Property Between Tenants

A successful property manager knows all about the importance of properly cleaning a rental between tenants. Whether they learned by reading a post such as this, or they learned the hard way, they figured out why a good cleaning is worth every penny.

importance of properly cleaning a rental property between tenants

Attract More, Better Tenants. The main reason to clean a rental property between tenants is obvious: to attract more tenants. No one wants to rent a property with dusty floors and dirty bathrooms. A decently clean office place will attract a decent enough tenant. However, a spotless property will appeal to the best tenants.

Increase Value. It’s extremely difficult to convince anyone to pay good money for a property that hasn’t been properly cleaned. No matter how nice the neighborhood is, or how conveniently located it may be, a dirty rental will never be worth as much as a clean one.

Deal With Common Issues. Properly commercial cleaning service reveals a lot about the place. Wiping the windows down may reveal hail damage. Scrubbing the floors may reveal loose or warped boards. Cleaning the bathrooms may reveal a mold or mildew problem. These are all issues that need to be dealt with before the property goes back on the market.

Prevent Mold and Bacterial Growth. To thoroughly eliminate all foul odors, you have to get them at the source. That means cleaning often-missed areas such the window sill, under the sink or behind the toilet to find every last trace of mold and bacterial growth. This is also a great way to prevent future growth with an anti-fungal spray or primer.

By performing a thorough scrub down now, property managers can save money down the road, as well as bring in higher rental rates in the not-as-distant-future.

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