The Importance of Properly Cleaning a Rental Property Between Tenants

Published Date January 21, 2015

A successful property manager knows that it is crucial to properly clean all rental properties between tenants. In short, whether you are managing an apartment community, a condo or have homes to rent, it is vital to have a cleaning company come in and clean the home for you. We want to highlight the importance of properly cleaning a rental property between tenants.
importance of properly cleaning a rental property between tenants

Why you should clean between tenants!

One of they key reasons you want to clean between tenants is because you want to keep your property well-taken care of. In short, you will also attract better tenants if you keep your property in high value. The main reason is to showcase the property as a clean and quality rental opportunities for families and individuals. No individual wants to rent from a property that has dusty and dirty floors, bathrooms, or has not been professionally cleaned. To use another example, it is the same with an office or work environment. The clean environment will create a space of comfort and quality for all workers. Let’s discuss a couple of benefits that highlight why it is crucial to clean your property between tenants.

  • Increase Value

When you keep the home clean, add renovations, and ensure that everything is up to code, you increase the value of the property. Simply, cleaning the carpet, or refreshing the paint on the walls can add value to your home in no time. With this, adding curb-appeal, making sure the grass is well kept and that the interior is clean and move-in ready allows for clients and potential renters to see your home in a clean light!

  • Shines A Light on Common Issues

One of the major reasons to clean a home thoroughly, is that through the dust and dirt, you may be able to find areas that need fixing. For instance, hiring a high quality cleaning company such as Royal Building Maintenance to clean your home, you may be able to find areas that need to be redone that could cause a threat or be hazardous. Cleaning the carpet may show potential mold problems or tears where the concrete can show. Cleaning is the first step in ensuring that the home is a safe place to be for potential renters.

  • Prevent Mold and Bacterial Growth

Speaking of mold, properly cleaning your rental property between tenants allows for the thorough inspection of mold or bacterial growth. Mold and bacterial growth are not only hazardous for the quality of the home, but they can also be a health risk and issue for the tenant. With that in mind, cleaning every trace of mold ensures that the home is safe to live in. This is also an excellent way to prevent any odors or potential mold-growth that may occur due to no upkeep.

Do you perfect cleaning between tenants?

Performing thorough cleanings allow for the landlord to assess the quality of the property, what needs fixing, and if the tenant is liable for any damages. To add to this, cleaning between tenants opens the space to allow new, respectful and quality tenants to move in that will take care of the home. If you are seeking expert cleaning services, allow Royal Building Maintenance to do it for you. Please contact us today and let us know if our blog, the importance of properly cleaning a rental property between tenants has helped!