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The Three Levels of Cleaning

Published Date July 8, 2022

Among the many different responsibilities that you shoulder daily, keeping your surroundings clean should be a top priority. Often people are bombarded with the question ‘what’s with cleaning that everyone stresses about’? Frankly, though, there’s nothing to feel pressurized about. Cleanliness is a part of life that you embrace, not another separate job! Cleaning is therapeutic and, most importantly, creates a positive ambience all around. But you need to be aware of the levels of cleaning.

Why choose specialty cleaning?

Technically, cleaning, by itself, will never be sufficient to remove or kill viruses or bacteria. As a result, you need specialty cleaning services from time to time. Depending on the cleaning required for the environment, these services can be availed as per your budget. That way you would also know about the levels of cleanliness. But, no matter what type of cleaning you wish to avail, there are three levels of cleanliness that must be fulfilled. In the US, there are a plethora of commercial cleaning services in Tampa FL. So, whether it’s your home or workplace or grocery store or daycare center or medical buildings, the three levels — sanitation, disinfection, and sterilization — are usually done, after assessing the nature of the job.

In simple terms, cleaning implies the removal of dust, dirt, clutter, crumbs, and other detritus. The next levels of cleaning are as under:


After the initial phase of the cleaning, sanitization is performed. This process might fail to kill germs or viruses, but it reduces bacterial growth significantly on surfaces. The best way to go about it is to hire professionals. You can also do it yourself, with the aid of an expert. Apart from reducing germs, the building also stays compliant with public health standards and guidelines. Sanitization is mostly useful in and around food items because it keeps the contaminant’s exposure to a bare minimum. Besides, there are labels that specify whether the solutions can be used for food or not. The good thing is sanitizers have less harsh chemicals, so they aren’t a huge health hazard.


Disinfectants usually destroy pathogens and microorganisms, so that the transfer chain from one person to another gets broken. Most disinfectants usually kill or eliminate viruses that are identified on specific labels. Also, they’re the only products that are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reduce viruses on hard surfaces. Most people are now highly impressed with the disinfection process because the agents not only contain pathogen-killing properties but have also proven highly effective against COVID-19.

Considering the reliability of this service and its effectiveness in stopping the rapid spreading of diseases, it proves ideal for childcare and assisted-living facilities. Generally, inhabitants in such places have lower immunity and, therefore, have a high chance of falling ill. As a result, most hospitals, nursing homes, and medical units have made disinfection a priority. After all, you cannot compromise the health of patients!


To remove microorganisms from all surfaces at every level, sterilization is mandatory. Look around surgical rooms and laboratories, and you will know how frequently the process has been employed. Each medical instrument, operating tool, and machinery must have undergone sterilization. After these instruments are cleaned thoroughly, the possibility of germs and impurities accessing patients’ bodies is reduced to a bare minimum. Among the three processes, sterilization is considered the best since it destroys bacteria, viruses, and fungi from all surfaces.

What factors must be considered?

In availing of the cleaning services, you need to ask three important questions and find the answers to the same. That way, you will know which is the right fit for you, or whether all the levels of cleaning apply in your case.

First, what you need.

Now that you need to complete the cleaning, gather all the things that you require to start the process. From the right cleaning substances to the right quantities, you must have an idea about all things. Also, the best equipment to be used can’t be forgotten. In some cases, a fancy microfiber cloth proves suitable, while clean water and a bucket will be more than enough at times. For thorough cleaning, you need a PPE kit too along with aprons and gloves.

Second, what you do.

Think about what exactly you must do to get the job done quickly and in the best way possible. The tasks can be listed beforehand, and then you decide which must be done first, followed by the others. Once you plan your job well, the process becomes streamlined and easily understood, and thereby, updated.

Third, how you do.

Decide whether you want to do the work all by yourself, or take the help of qualified and trained personnel for the job. When you have decided on how you want to get the job done, don’t forget the area called ‘Health & Safety compliance’. Initially, it might appear daunting, but try and secure a proper plan of action with the higher authorities. The members might provide you with a policy and risk assessment of issues, which if you adhere to it, will help get the work accomplished quickly. At the same time, don’t forget about practical things like the number of hours of work, access arrangements, etc.

Bottom line – Provision of the right cleaning

Attending to specific needs and requirements is the need of the hour in the US. While there’s no doubt it’s a healthy choice to rely on commercial cleaning in Tampa FL, you must always think about the intensity of the work, and if it aligns with your budget as well. Expert advice and services are now available in different parts of the world so that you can focus on your work, while the cleaning is done efficiently. After all, the levels of cleanliness can only be determined if the cleaning stages are fulfilled right.

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