Spring cleaning your office

5 Top Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Office in The New Normal Era

Published Date June 15, 2022

Before we begin, let’s face it. We are all super-busy most of the time. And the pandemic has only made things worse as long-held habits have changed. But as more companies ask their employees to return to onsite work in the much-touted ‘hybrid mode’, spring cleaning your office has become more important than ever before.

Working from home for the most part of the last 2 years has fundamentally changed the way we work, and it will take some time for things to normalize.

Still, you will certainly agree that a spotless office where there is no space for non-essentials is one of the ways to increase both morale and productivity!

Spring cleaning in the office has been a major occasion (albeit an informal one) ever since formal, cubicle-style workplaces entered the mainstream. And since spring is almost on its way out this year, it is something that everyone can participate in.

In turn, that helps regain lost personal contact and camaraderie.

Here are 5 of the top tips which will help in spring cleaning your office without so much as a hiccup.

Office spring cleaning: a few pointers

These simple tips are applicable for all sorts of offices and workplaces regardless of the floor area and employee strength.

1. Tackle endless heaps of paper

Too much paper lying around on your desk will be a distraction and will prevent your normal routine. The moment you see that there is simply too much material taking up your desk’s valuable real estate, use the dustbin. Throw away those which you are certain you will never require!

For others, try to divide them into manageable and smaller piles based on their nature and purpose. Do remember that going completely paperless is not always possible or desirable!

2. Streamline your supplies

From Post-it notes to paper clips, your workstation is never fully complete without these essentials taking up space. While spring cleaning in the office, you can procure small, transparent boxes into which you can stow away these necessaries. Add a small sticker to each box with details on what it has inside, and you are set to go!

3. Check all electronic devices

Spring cleaning your workplace will be totally incomplete without paying proper attention to all those gadgets which are on your desk. From wired phones to desktop and laptop computers to smartphones and tablets and so on, they must be wiped using a microfiber cloth followed up with a mild detergent-based cleaner.

When it comes to electrical joints and circuit/switchboards, it is best to hire a company that excels in office cleaning in Tampa FL. Outsourcing these risky tasks is a really good idea.

These agencies will also take care of UPS units and other essential backup devices!

4. Clean your desk thoroughly

This is a rather underrated aspect of office spring cleaning. Your desk that doubles as your workstation is also a piece of furniture. Like all other office furniture, it needs to be kept in excellent condition. Else, there might be problems later.

The surface needs to be carefully wiped and all traces of airborne dirt and smudges should disappear. The process is pretty simple. An initial wipe-over using a microfiber/non-conductive piece of cloth is essential to dislodge debris. Only then will a wet-wipe follow.

Scrubbing is considered complete when you spray a thin layer of a non-surfactant, Windex-like spray that is available under several brand names. These sprays are mostly a mixture of Isopropyl alcohol, also known as dimethyl carbinol, and some antimicrobial agents.

Pro tip: Do you use an expensive wooden desk, perhaps an expensive antique? Experts suggest that you seek advice from Tampa office cleaning services which hire professionals who can take care of them using slightly different chemicals and their experience.

5. Do away with digital clutter as well

Digital cluttering should also be essential as taking stock of and cleaning your workstation and the general office space. Too many emails lying unread in your inbox can be a cause for concern even if it is only at the back of your mind.

You can also try and remove all those pesky desktop icons that are taking up your valuable screen space and keep just a few really essential ones handy. Digital decluttering has become more important than ever before as we are now witnessing the blurring of private and office space as the New Normal work-routine kicks in.

Consider it as spring cleaning for your mind!

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