Clean office from coronavirus

Tips To Clean Your Office From Coronavirus And Other Diseases

Published Date May 1, 2020

Science and technology can help ensure that your office space is safe from the highly contagious Coronavirus. All you need to do is implement the right protocols to clean your office and you can take a step towards keeping your clients and your employees safe. In addition to hiring office cleaning services, here are a few tips and tricks to step up your in-office hygiene game.

Educate yourself and your team about the virus before learning how to clean your office

The first step towards improving cleanliness in the workplace is to be fully aware of how the Coronavirus spreads and how it can be killed to prevent infection. So, before we discuss how to clean your office, let’s delve into understanding the history, symptoms and other attributes of the virus and the disease that it spreads.
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Hailing from a family viruses that have crown-like spikes on their surface, this particular strain of Coronavirus is responsible for spreading Covid-19. Just like the disease caused by other viruses in the family, Covid-19 affects the respiratory tract causing flu-like symptoms. This virus can survive on different surfaces for hours and even days and they are transmitted via bodily fluids like cough and close contact with infected individuals.
So, while social distancing is one big way to prevent transmission, use of disinfectants and sanitizers is also effective in making your office premises safer. You can keep your office clean by taking several measures that are listed below.

Learn about and implement personal protection procedures to keep your office clean from the effects of the virus

First of all, any approach towards a facility in these times should be with the assumption that it is contaminated. And that means, you need to follow thorough hygiene procedures to clean your office. You can always take help from professionals offering commercial cleaning services. But if it takes too long to reach them or to schedule an appointment, you should take care of the following while you keep your office clean.
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  • Strategically place hand sanitizing stations across your office to encourage better personal hygiene.
  • Ensure that disinfectants and disinfectant wipes are ready available and well stocked up so that all surfaces can be kept clean throughout the day.
  • You should encourage the use of these wipes and sanitizers along with encouraging regular hand washing throughout the day by putting up signs in easy-to-read large fonts.
  • Create a mask policy for your employees and make masks readily available at all times to prevent transmission of the virus among people.
  • You should also ensure that the restrooms are always stocked up on soaps and clean water.

Clear office desks and replace the air filters

When you clear office desks, it makes it easier to wipe everything with disinfectants. Also, less clutter leads to reduced mental stress. The latter can affect the healthy functioning of your immune system. So, it is better to not take any chances.
Next, you should improve the ventilation in addition to adopting other ways to keep your office clean. The Coronavirus can spread via cough droplets breathed into the air. So, it is imperative to keep the ventilation and air systems running perfectly and in utmost hygienic conditions.
clear office desk
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for cleaning facilities recommend using EPA- registered disinfectants to further minimize the risk of the virus from spreading or infecting people on the premises. Also, it is important to know when trying to keep your office clean is that using disinfectants only kills the germs. You will still have to remove dust and debris using methods like wiping and vacuuming etc.
All the common areas in the office should be cleaned more thoroughly. These areas include:

  • ATMs
  • Common rooms
  • Shared electronic equipment
  • Vending machines
  • Furniture

And so on.
Remember that when you clean your office and disinfect the surfaces, you are also protecting the people from diseases other than Covid-19. Your staff should get all the Personal Protective Equipment that is prescribed by the CDC guidelines. The cleaning staff needs to get extra protection so that they can continue to work safely, keeping your workplace more hygienic and a bit more protected from the Coronavirus as well as other diseases.