Tips and Tricks for Making Your Classroom a Sick-Free Zone

Published Date April 15, 2017

making classroom a sick-free zoneGerms are everywhere around us, especially in classrooms where children from many different homes come together and share common surfaces every day. Teachers are known for their impressive immune systems after spending years enduring every strain of bacteria imaginable, but children don’t usually have such strong disease-fighting capabilities. These tips and tricks are designed to help prevent the spread of illnesses in classrooms all year round.

Stick To a Clean Up Routine

As a teacher, you can utilize your students’ extra energy to gain the help you need cleaning up at the end of the day. This process needs to consist of more than just putting materials away and tidying up. Make it a game by inviting your student “clean-up squad” to wipe down doorknobs, clean the pencil sharpener, and even scrub the light switches. These tasks, plus wiping down desks, tables, and other shared spaces can prevent the unwanted spread of germs and keep everyone healthier.

Use a Sanitizer Station

Students rarely wash their hands as thoroughly as they should, especially after they use the bathroom. Since you cannot supervise each child’s hand washing and still teach effectively, create a sanitizer station in your classroom and encourage students to use the hand sanitizer after using the bathroom and touching community materials.

Demonstrate How Quickly Germs Spread

Since germs aren’t, visible young children often struggle to appreciate just how serious of a threat they really are. You can draw awareness to the pace at which germs spread by completing a simple yet memorable demonstration. Place glitter in one child’s hand, have him shake hands and play games with his peers, and then check the classroom and other students to see just how far the glitter spread. It will likely be everywhere, which will prove your point that germs need to be quickly nipped in the bud.
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