What’s the Difference between Residential and Commercial Cleaning?

Published Date May 15, 2017

clean officeWhether in a home, office, or retail space, cleanliness is an important priority for many different reasons. However, there are many differences in how commercial cleaning should be tackled compared to residential cleaning. While cleaning your home only needs to suffice for your own needs and expectations, commercial cleaning must keep employees, customers, and other visitors safe, comfortable, and satisfied. This is why businesses and companies always turn to a professional commercial cleaning company like Royal Building Maintenance in Tampa, Florida to handle all of their office cleaning needs in a way that is distinctly different from residential services.

Billing Daily Vs. Monthly

In residential situations, it is common for a Tampa office cleaning company to charge before or immediately after services are provided. However, the majority of commercial cleaning companies in Tampa arrange payments based on a service plan that can be paid monthly. Royal Building Maintenance, for example, offers fair prices on a monthly basis without forcing companies to sign office cleaning contracts. With a no-risk, money back guarantees, Royal Building Maintenance makes cleaning simple and stress-free.

Work is Done At Night

While residential cleaning often occurs during the day when families are at work or busy with their regular schedules, almost all commercial cleaning must take place at night when businesses are typically closed to customers or experiencing times of low volume. This means that commercial cleaners can thrive on second- or third-shift work schedules to clean large areas quickly and efficiently.

Specific Focus Points

Residential cleaning is very focused on sentimentality and precision in small spaces, but commercial cleaning has other priorities. Professional commercial cleaners understand that they have an obligation to prevent outbreaks of disease by sanitizing public areas. They are also largely responsible for maintaining the aesthetic appeal of businesses by keeping the floors free from stains, the windows free from smudge marks, the trashcans consistently emptied, and the tile floor shining.
If you need a reliable and efficient commercial cleaning company for your own medical facility, office, retail property, school, or other property, call813-277-9300 to request a free quote from Royal Building Maintenance in Tampa, Florida. As a locally owned and operated cleaning and janitorial company, Royal Building Maintenance can accommodate all of your company’s commercial cleaning needs.