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What’s in Your Carpet?

Published Date February 7, 2017

germs in carpetCarpeting is an important element in any commercial setting. It adds atmosphere, hides stains, and provides a sense of comfort. However, carpets also collect dirt, germs, and grime, especially carpets created and installed specifically for commercial purposes.  Professional and commercial carpet cleaning is one of the most important components for improving the appearance of and extending the life of commercial carpets.

The Truth About Commercial Carpets

Commercial carpets are usually created with low-level loops and tight construction. While this makes them more durable to high traffic, it also means that the carpets ultimately absorb and hold higher levels of soil and debris. Over time, all of this “gunk” slides under the carpet loops and becomes trapped and difficult to remove. Carpeting mainly removes larger dirt particles, which causes smaller particles to accumulate in the carpet fibers. Without regular carpet cleaning, these smaller particles will abrade the carpet fibers and create a duller, less professional carpet appearance.

Maintaining a Positive Business Presence

While the quality of a company’s goods or services is most important to business success, there are countless other factors that might positively or negatively sway the opinions of consumers. The physical appearance of a company’s location is one such factor, and dirty or worn carpets don’t give a strong impression that a company wants to cultivate. The best and simplest solution is to use a commercial cleaning company to regularly deep clean carpets. Regular deep cleaning prevents dirt particles from ever accumulating, which minimizes carpet damage altogether.
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